Story by Numbers

I'm a Frontend Developer with over 20 years experience. For the past 5+ years I've focused on React.js, and more recently the Next.js framework.

  • React.js, Next.js

  • Design Systems, Figma

  • E2E and Unit Testing

  • Semantic versioning, Git Flow

  • Integrating REST APIs

  • GraphQL, Apollo

  • Deployment strategies

  • Performance testing and improvement

I think as much about the content of a website as I do the structures that support it. That makes me a natural collaborator for writers, designers and stakeholders. My respect for traditional book publishing comes through in my belief that "digital experiences" are about presenting the right information at the right time, and not about limiting our expectations to 30 second blips. I help clients mediate between new content production and archives, between promoting events/ticketign and contextualization (longform articles, collections, maps). I fit well with knowledge institutions like museums, universities, news publications; but also cultural sector clients such as festivals and art researchers. I don't exclude opportunities from other sectors, and over my career I've worked for a very wide spectrum of clients and products.

As a Technical Product Owner, I define goals, gather requirements, and translate objectives into actionable plans. I'm an empathetic and careful listener, and because I care so much about the content, creating a website always feels like an unfolding rather than executing a top-down succession of milestone. But there is a process, and if there's one thing I know I can do, it's make websites. This is a craft I've been working on since the mid 90's.

My native language is English and I'm fluent in Dutch. I can work on-site or remotely, but my primary office space is at Plant22 in Amsterdam.

For more information, please email