I'm a Developer and a Product Owner

As a Technical Product Owner, I work with organizations to define goals, gather requirements, and translate objectives into a prioritized backlog. I insist on communicating with a broad range of stakeholders, and not only the top managers. I'm an empathetic and careful listener. When the inevitable roadblocks appear during the realization phase, I can fall back on twenty years of experience as a developer to help us refine our product and workflows to stay within budget. My native language is English, but I'm fully proficient in Dutch. I enjoy giving presentations, and I think demos are an important moment to celebrate the team's achievements and get feedback along the way.

As a Frontend Developer, I work primarily with React.js and Next.js (JavaScript frameworks). My preferred backend is CraftCMS or Contentful. I generally only work on projects where I'm in direct contact with stakeholders, content creators, and the designers. In this sense I'm more of a product developer than an engineer who builds according to specifications. I look for efficient and sustainable solutions, which sometimes means challenging hand-me-down specs.

I enjoy projects of different sizes. I'm a good fit for large museums and knowledge institutions with a lot of content, but I also really enjoy building digital products for exhibitions. I can work on-site or remotely, but my primary office space is at Plant22 in Amsterdam, where I'm supported by other creatives and developers.

For more information, please email jason@storybynumbers.com.